WAP Portal

Demi is taking a taxi to Ashton's new apartment and it's rush hour. They're stuck in traffic but Demi makes the most of the time by purchasing a new ring back tone and assigning it to Ashton.


The WAP portal offers mobility. There, subscribers can manage their settings, access storefronts, etc. They can create caller groups, individual callers or wildcards and assign tones, play lists, personal tones or content channels to each of them. And much more...


You choose whether to let us develop this portal for you based on our standard design tailored to your corporate identity. The WAP portal interfaces with our system via a SOAP-based API. You have the option to receive the code and this interface, so that you or a third-party can enhance the portal regularly to keep your subscribers interested and make new campaigns. You can also opt to do your WAP portal yourself or via a third party of your choice. You can not only get the API, we can also provide a software development kit that makes it easy to develop, simulate and test your own WAP portal. You do not need an Off Deck Gateway or any proprietary programming skills.


Contact us to learn more about our WAP portal for ring back tones.