SMS is a practical way to subscribe to the service and purchase content.


The SMS interface is very effectively combined with marketing campaigns where content codes are published. This is the same way ringtones and wallpaper are usually sold and your target audience may already be familiar with SMS purchases.


By sending a set of keywords and codes to a defined number, subscribers assign tones and purchase content for themselves or as a gift. With a single message they can buy and assign a ring back tone to an individual caller.


Victoria reads an advertisement of a tone at her hair salon and decides to buy it for David. She sends the message "gift 55421" followed by David's number.


The SMS interface is also used to send notifications to subscribers, e.g. to confirm a purchase, to notify that a content is about to expire or that there is new content available. We have many suggestions for SMS marketing campaigns that can be run from our system which interfaces directly with your SMSC. For instance, often our customers use SMS to offer a subscriber a ring back specially chosen according to his/her last purchases; he then purchases the tone by simply replying "Yes" to the SMS.

We have a complete SMS storyboard that we can customize to your requirements. Alternatively, you can opt to do it yourself using our SOAP-based API.


Contact us to learn how to use SMS for ring back tones.