Interactive voice response (IVR) is an interface anyone can easily use to browse, pre-listen and purchase content, as well as to make simple assignment, e.g. as default ring back.

Subscribers call a service number where a menu is played providing them a set of options. They interact with the system via pressing keys on their phone. "5" could browse their inbox, "4" could buy content with a code number or "2" could browse content.

While browsing content, the subscriber listens to a tone, and has the option to buy it, send it as a gift or continue browsing. All the IVR logic is performed within our Ring Back System with no extra equipment required.


We offer you a complete IVR storyboard that we can customize to your requirements. Alternatively, you can opt to do it yourself using our Visual Call Flow Builder. This graphic user interface runs in the browser of a PC and lets you set up IVR easily without any previous programming skills. Of course, you can upload your own prompts and implement the IVR in multiple languages.


Contact us and learn how to use IVR for ring back tones.