Let your subscribers get personal…

Your subscribers are happy to use and configure the service on their own. They should find all the options and combinations they can think of. That's what we thought of when we designed our system. For instance, we make it possible for you to reduce the subscription effort by automatically subscribing users on their first purchase.


You profile your subscribers and can thus define for each of them a different monthly subscription price, free tones, access to different features, etc.


Your subscriber has a personalized inbox which contains all the content he has purchased. The subscriber manages all content on his own. He chooses his own default ring back played for all unidentified callers. He assigns a specific ring back to an individual caller or makes groups of callers, e.g. "university friends" and assigns a ring back to the group. The subscriber can also use wild cards for assigning a ring back to all numbers with a certain area code or prefix. And of course, the playing can depend on daytime, the day of the week, calendar day, e.g. for a holiday or a birthday, etc.


The ring back your subscriber decides to play in each case, can be a single tone or a playlist defined by him/her in either a sequential or random order. He/she can also choose to play all their content randomly. They can also choose content channels for always up to date content or to upload their personal ring back tone. Optionally, they can have a personal greeting as an intro to their ring back tone.


Contact us to learn how to give subscribers not only a unique but an individual ring back tone experience.