Make it special!

Between teenage years and adulthood you start doing things your own way. You choose what to wear where to go out and what people you meet. You forge your personality.


In the already mature telecommunications market, users also want things their own way. It is no longer enough to have any phone but a phone with the latest features. People want to differentiate their phone from others by having nice covers, wall papers, tones, etc. Allow your subscribers to personalize their calling experience. Allow them to do it on their own and allow them to choose how, when and where they do it. And if they need help, be there for them.


We allow your subscribers to set their customized ring back in any way they want in terms of what to play, to whom and when.


We offer your subscribers a set of user interfaces so they have the flexibility to personalize their experience using the most comfortable medium.


We offer you the necessary tools for subscriber administration and customer care so you can assist your subscribers and drive them towards an enhanced user experience.


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