Selling to and through your subscribers.

Take Jennifer calling Brad. She likes his personal ring back tone and uploads tones for Vince, Courtney and David. So Brad not only paid you to upload his content, he got Jennifer to upload and pay you for three more.


Angelina doesn't like the ring back tone Brad has chosen for her. So she goes to the storefront and buys one as a gift for Brad, hopefully he gets the message. She has three other friends and gives it to them as well.


Jennifer has the same problem as Angelina - Brad has no taste - but she doesn't want to pay for a gift. So she selects her favorite ring back tone and has an automatic SMS sent to Brad asking him to buy it for her. The tone is bought and Assigned to Jennifer. Too bad it appears on his phone bill; Angelina won't like it.

George calls Brad and likes his new ring back tone. So he pushes ## subscribes automatically and purchases Brad's tone.


We are convinced of the subscribers' power as sales channels and we have included functionalities to support it. The advanced features like playlists, channels, gifts, 'begging' and personal uploads play a major role. In addition, callers can copy the tone from a subscriber during a call by pressing a key while listening to the Tone.

Your subscribers can also provide you with valuable information. We have included a feature that allows the subscriber to tell you what he wanted and didn't find. It also allows you to tell the subscriber when such content is available.


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