Get the goods sold.

Storefronts are your main sales channel. Your ring back system is your shopping mall: make sure your product looks good and you've got the latest promotions.


In the storefronts, subscribers browse content, search for their favorite music and purchase it for themselves or as a gift. We provide a set of tools and features that aim to get a sale every time a subscriber visits. Contact us and make your storefronts a paradise for buyers.


With the ECT Ring Back System, you get our customizable standard storefront. You can also develop and continually change your own storefronts or let us or a third party do it for you. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use Off Deck Gateways. Instead we offer an open Application Programming Interface (API) that is SOAP based and which is also used by our in-house storefronts. In addition, we have a Software Developers Kit which makes it easy for anyone to program, simulate and test a new storefront.

Make your storefronts sell like hell