The right information for the right decisions.

How is your shopping mall doing? Who is selling what in which quantities? What isn’t selling at all and should be taken out of stock?


The ECT Ring Back System includes a reporting module which provides you with information about your own and your content providers’ performance, allowing you to adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.


You can get information on your sales either in a condensed way or separated e.g. by prepaid and postpaid customers, or by the interface used for buying. This way, if you saw a reduction in SMS purchases, you could react with a radio campaign with “like the tone, send and SMS with 2765 to 5552.”


There are reports on subscriptions, on purchases, on gifts, on how subscribers use the content, on the success of the different content, on the status of your subscribers, on your income, etc.


You can choose which reports to have and the level of detail. You can also choose in which format you want to generate them, e.g. a .csv file that you can analyze with Excel®, and HTML file that can be viewed on your browser, or as a chart for fast analysis. In addition you can choose how often to generate such reports and have them automatically sent to the email address you specify.


If you’re using multiple content providers with their own storefronts, you can make all this reporting available to them in the browser of a PC. Of course, they only have statistics for the sales of their own content.


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