You’ve got a franchise, now get as many shops as possible…

You don't have anything against others selling content to your subscribers and contributing to your revenue? Think of all the companies that sell music downloads, ringtones, wallpaper and games to your subscribers. Get them to sell ring back tones as well!


Our solution supports the integration of multiple content providers and multiple storefronts. It is easy for you to set up and easy for you to control: You define what content third party providers can sell.


Resellers integrate to your ring back system via a simple SOAP-based Application Programming Interface (API) and - unlike some of our competitors' solutions - you do not require any additional Off Deck Gateways or equivalent.


Many resellers and many storefronts lead to competition, higher specialization and a broader consumer appeal. They compete with each other, but they all mean revenue for you. Having several resellers is like having your prepaid SIM cards available in every supermarket chain in the country without even bothering to distribute them.


Contact us to learn how to integrate multiple resellers and to earn money from them.