Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase the subscription uptake and retain subscribers?

Your subscribers need to know about the service, so you need marketing campaigns to communicate it to them. Our solution has the tools to support your marketing; you can, for instance, offer a free subscription period and/or free tones with your subscription.
To ensure subscribers keep using the service, the content needs to be updated constantly and the sales channels need to be active. You can achieve this by using several content providers and several resellers. By doing so, you not only delegate the content selection to experts, you also create competition between them, ensuring the right pricing. And of course, each does his own marketing at his own expense.

You can define different subscriber profiles to have targeted offers or packages. You can e.g. define a user class that pays a low subscription fee and a class with higher subscription fees, free tones and longer validity periods for content.


How do I optimize the content to meet the demands of my subscribers?

Use experts to take care of the content. They will ensure the correct quality for playing it over the phone. Use local content providers, they know best what people in your market are listening to. Use several content providers and resellers to generate competition for better pricing and content selection. Be aware of what your subscribers need. With our reports and statistics you can know which content has been searched. Subscribers can also give you direct feedback by entering what they were looking for, so you can tell them when it is available.


How can I increase the pieces of content purchased per subscriber?

Ensure a targeted offer using multiple content providers, multiple resellers and if applies to your market, regional content. Make your storefront attractive and change it often, use automatic categories like "most sold songs." Allow your subscribers to share their interests with you. They can do this with our system by defining an artist, song or category of their interest and they will get automatic alerts when such content is available. Remind them of the service with marketing campaigns. All this can be fully automated, e.g. via SMS.


How can I increase my revenue streams?

Make sure that the content you are offering is meeting your customers' demands. Use several content providers and content resellers. Take advantage of content channels and content subscriptions for recurrent revenue. Use automatic categories like "most sold songs." Create promotional categories for special seasons or events. Let our system remind your subscribers when their content is about to expire. You can let them renew it automatically by answering an SMS with "Yes" and even suggest another ring back tone from the same category if they want something new.


How can I make the service viral?

Every time their ring back tone is played, your subscribers are promoting the service. With our solution, you can use this to make your service viral. Play lists, content channels and personal uploads evoke curiosity in callers. Your subscribers can buy gifts for others. They can even copy a ring back tone from another subscriber right when they are listening to it by pressing a key on their phones. Use also the carrier greeting to let the callers know about your service.


How can I use cross selling?

Allow other resellers or storefronts to interact with your system. Portals offering ring tones, wall papers and games can integrate ring back tones to their offer and create bundles, e.g. a new hit as ringtone, music download and ring back tone. Music portals can include a ring back tone together with the song bought. These portals often have a significant customer base likely to buy ring back content.