Sales Channels

You have it, now make it available for them…

Think about how difficult it is to sell prepaid SIM cards. You have to make them available in every shop, every kiosk and on every corner, taking care of the distribution and logistics.


Luckily ring back tones aren't physical objects that need to be delivered to every kiosk. Yet, as you're earning significant revenue from content sales, having the right sales channels can make you rich quick.


You have a huge stockroom, why not sell the goods via as many stores as possible...

Add your own worldwide web Storefronts and let your subscribers search for that special content and buy it on the spot.


Get everyone out there selling the goods, for free!

Our solution includes thousands of sales agents thanks to our viral marketing features.


Don´t be held back by borders...

If you are present in more than one country you can turn your ring back solution into a multi-country system and sell cross-border with one system.


You, your subscribers, why not anybody else?

With our reseller support, you can have all those talented companies out there selling ring tones, games and wallpaper, to sell ring back tones via their own Storefronts. Let them sell the content on their own sites with their own look and feel. Let them do all the advertising and packaging. Just sit back and collect your share of each sale they make.


Interested in how much you sold today?

Keep track of what's happening in your shopping mall. With our set of statistics and reports you will have the right information at hand to make the decisions for increasing your revenue.