Startup Ring Back Tone

You are a small operator and your budget is very limited but you are convinced that offering ring back tones will increase your revenue? If your answer is yes, then you are the ideal candidate for our Startup Ring Back Tone platform.

Whether you are a new carrier or MVNO, you want to spend the absolute minimum possible, or you just need to bring the service to your market immediately, having a solution that works virtually out-of-the-box makes a big difference.

When you buy the ECT Startup Ring Back Tone platform you have a working system from the day it is delivered and installed on your premises. The rest is for you to decide. You can adapt the standard portals to your company’s corporate identity. You can also choose to develop your own portal and interface with the system using our open API.

The principle is simple. You get a basic system, integrate it in your network and customize it according to your needs. You do your share, we do ours and the best part is; in the end, you save a lot of money. Why not contact us today?