Ring Back Tone Service

The personal approach…

Are your subscribers able to give a personal touch to the calls they receive? With ECT Ring Back Tone System your subscribers can decide what others listen to while waiting for them to answer. In exchange, you profit from monthly subscriptions and/or content sales.


Your subscribers can customize the ring back tones but first you play your own carrier greeting: "Welcome to Hollywood Telecom, enjoy the music until your call is answered..:" Your subscriber can turn off this greeting when he assigns a ring back tone to a caller.

Brad is a ring back tone subscriber in your network.


As his default tone, Brad chose a subscription to the channel "Pop Hit of the Week". The channel is updated weekly.


When somebody he doesn't know calls, the caller waiting for Brad to answer hears your carrier greeting, followed by the pop hit of the week.


When Brad answers, the call is connected as usual.