Ring Back Tone: Our Portfolio

Help your subscribers personalize their calling experience

With the ECT Ring Back Tone Service your subscribers purchase music or joke tones via your own or third-party storefronts, just like they purchase wallpapers and ring tones. They can even record and upload their own tones. Then they assign a specific tone, play list or "radio" channel to a caller or group of callers, playing different tones based on the time, date or day of the week.


Add value to your corporate customers’ incoming calls

With the Corporate Ring Back Tone your corporate customers define what their customers hear when calling their employees. They might have one corporate jingle or message for all employees, or different ones for each department. Your corporate customers provide their caller with important information and/or infotainment even before the call is answered.


Bring your next-generation network to life

You've made major investments in a next-generation network? Now is the time to exploit its unique multimedia capabilities. The Multimedia Ring Back Service is an evolution of our ring back tone service that allows your subscriber to play a video or slideshow ring back to incoming video calls from SIP terminals and soft phones. All other calls get audio ring back tones.


Create a new advertising medium and let your subscribers benefit as well

With Ring Back Advertising you can play advertisements instead of the standard ring back tone. Your subscribers opt for advertising in exchange for cheaper or free calls. Advertisements can be played based on the segmentation and interests of your subscribers as well as on time, date or day of the week. And all that while your subscribers are just waiting for their calls to be answered.


Benefit from the revenue generating power of ring back tone with a minimum investment

With our Startup ECT Ring Back Tone platform you can bring the service to market as soon as it’s installed in your network. You get a simplified platform which you can integrate and customize according to your needs at an extremely attractive price.