The vendor of your current ring back tone solution has declared end of life or end of service, so you need to migrate to an alternative quickly and cost-effectively.

We can do that for you. We have a lot of experience in migrating solutions from other vendors. For example, we have successfully migrated Comverse and NMS solutions.


Contact us. Our system architecture allows us to offer you a very cost effective solution dimensioned according to your needs. We will handle your migration process. You will provide us with the structure and details of your current database. We will implement the migration of the data. You will have the chance to test the new system with friendly users. We will implement the hot cutover in carefully designed steps with fallback scenarios. You will go commercial with your new system.


And by replacing your end of life solution you will get a powerful set of features that will additionally help you to increase your revenues. You will have the tools to choose content, sales channels and offer a unique user experience.