Use our experience...

You are visiting a city you don't know. You left the hotel and forgot the map in the room. You're on your way to a restaurant not more than three blocks away. Now you're already at the next corner and have to decide what to do:

  • go back for your map and lose the distance already walked.
  • walk around until you find the place (after all it is only 3 blocks away) and lose time.
  • ask for directions from the old man working at the corner newsstand who has probably lived in that neighborhood for years and knows it by heart.

Someone who knows his way around saves you time and money.


You are a new carrier or MVNO just starting to build a subscriber base and wonder whether you can introduce ring back tone profitably.


The vendor of your current ring back tone solution has declared end of life or end of service, so you need to migrate to an alternative quickly and cost-effectively.


The costs of your current ring back tone platform are ruining your business case.


You are moving to a next-generation network and need one solution for your legacy and next-generation networks.


You want to offer ring back services seamlessly in fixed and mobile networks.


You are hosting MVNOs and want to offer each of them the opportunity to launch their own ring back services.


You want to offer ring back services, but don't know how to implement it in your network.


You want to offer ring back tone services but have a very limited budget.