The tone of your own.

Anna is an opera singer and she would like all her callers to listen to her latest performance at Covent Garden while they wait for her to answer.


Hugh is a romantic guy and wants to have a different love message for his girlfriend every week.


This puzzles all their friends. Why does Rolando hear Anna singing before answering the phone? He’ll ask her and upload a personal ring back tone to impress his buddy Jonas. Meanwhile, Anna uploaded her Covent Garden personal ring back tone in a public category, along with a performance at the Scala and one from the Metropolitan Opera. You charge her for each upload.


Your service is viral and you help people impress their friends with it. You choose to charge them by upload or via flat-rate. Your subscriber is responsible for the content, so there are no rights for you to pay. Moreover, we make it easy for you to approve the content before it is released.


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