Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase content sales?

You can increase the amount, diversity and competitiveness of pricing for content by using multiple content providers. Providers may be specialized in different types of content and carve out their own niche. More content = more sales.


You want to offer ring back services but do not feel expert enough in the music business?

You can let experts take care of the content and you stick to your core business. Content providers can choose, price and edit content and upload it onto your system. You will get a share of any revenue they generate.


Can I promote and make available different ring back content only in specific regions?

Yes, our solution allows you to have regional content. This way you can offer content selectively.


What if different pieces of content are more expensive to produce due to digital rights?

You can have different prices for different content. You can also have promotional prices valid during a certain period of time.


How can I offer subscribers automatically up-to-date content?

You can offer to choose content on their behalf. With the content channels they can subscribe to a channel which will be maintained by you or your content provider. As a result, these subscribers will constantly have new music.


Is it possible to play a video as a ring back when I get video calls?

Yes, it is - you can play Multimedia Ring Back content if you have an IMS or other SIP based network. This includes audio, video and pictures.


Some of the callers are confusing the ring back tone with music on-hold and hang up before the subscriber answers. What can I do?

You can let them know about the service by playing a short announcement before the ring back tone starts playing. This is
known as a carrier greeting.