Make sure you have something for everybody...

Whatever isn't in stock, can't be bought. Don't miss a sale.

You've got a stockroom for audio and video clips to replace the standard ring back tone. And it has an unlimited shelf capacity. Multiple content providers can offer as many ring back tones as they want at virtually no additional cost to you. It's just cheap storage space (RAM and hard disk).


But you can still charge for the right to put products into your stockroom. Remember ring back tones and multimedia ring back are played in your network. If the content provider wants to reach your subscribers, he has to go over you.

Your content providers upload content easily with the automated upload function, so you don't even have to bother to place the products in the shelves.

Your providers compete with each other and you get revenue from all of them. Some may have a preference for particular music firms and others for a particular genre.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not have a physical or licensed limit to the number of pieces of content or the number of content providers. Those thousands of "not best sellers" may turn into a gold mine. Amazon® e.g. has profited from a similar business model.


Contact us today and learn more about multiple content providers on your ring back tone platform.