Connect the calls...

Suppose you're the first to provide ring back services in your country. You don't want callers who never heard of this service to confuse the ring back tone with music on hold.

You can have the standard "tut-tut" played behind the content but this doesn't sound that great and the costs will be higher for the
content providers.


Instead you can insert a carrier greeting before the ring back tone: "Welcome to Hollywood Telecom. Please enjoy the music while your call is being connected."


In addition to avoiding confusion for callers, carrier greetings can be used to communicate important messages to those calling your subscribers. You can also advertise your company's latest promotions or services. After all, many of the callers will be also customers of your competitor.

You can make it possible for subscribers to enable or disable the carrier greetings for all or some of their callers. They can optionally replace the carrier greeting with a personal message.


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