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Advertising Ring Back is content your subscribers don't pay for. But you still get a lot of money out of it.


Advertising Ring Back is content companies pay you to play to targeted subscribers selected from your customer base.


Suppose you offer a cheap prepaid contract where the subscriber opts in for advertising whenever he makes a call. In exchange he'll get benefits or bonuses for subscribing to the service, like free minutes or discounts. He also answers a few questions, so you can tailor the advertising to his/her interests. Now you have demographic information on the participants of your Advertising Ring Back and can play the
advertisements for the right target groups. And of course the advertisers get exact information on when and how often each advertisement was played to which target group.


Marketers are facing exciting times. We believe that mobiles are the next mass marketing channel, and even at this point of time you can reach more people on their mobile devices than on television, radio or print.


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