Let them work for you...

Your core business is telecommunications and not selling music. Let the experts take care of it. Content providers are more efficient in dealing with media companies. They know about choosing content according to your specific market, fine-tuning content for telephone playback and even pricing. They also take care of dealing with the digital rights.

We believe that the commercial success of your ring back solution increases with the number of content providers. With our solution you can have several of them. Content providers will compete with each other, increase the offer to your customers and contribute significantly to your revenue:

One of our customers has several content providers. He gets 50% of the price for each content sold and even charges several thousands a month to content providers for the right to sell content over his system. Even better, he collects the money directly from his subscribers through their prepaid balance or monthly bill and then gives the content providers their share. So he keeps complete control of the income.

Contact us to increase your revenue exponentially assisted by our Content Provisioning and Content Management solutions.

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