Platform Components

The ECT Ring Back System runs on a reliable and scalable platform. The application, media and signaling functions are separated, allowing the platform to work in fixed, mobile and/or next-generation networks. Your actual architecture may vary depending on your network requirements. Click on the different elements for a description.




INtellECT® Application Servers

The INtellECT® Application Servers execute the service logic. They retrieve the ECTXML® scripts from the Data Warehousing for processing.




INtellECT® Data Warehousing

The INtellECT® Oracle Data Warehousing cluster contains all service-relevant data and is accessed by the Application Servers via OCI and the Web Servers via JDBC. The Data Warehousing contains all service scripts, subscriber information, content information and statistics.




INtellECT® Web Servers

The INtellECT® Web Servers host all the external interfaces of the system towards the O&M network and the users. These include several network interfaces such as SNMP, SNTP, Billing and Provisioning as well as user interfaces like the Storefront (WEB and WAP), SMS, IVR and USSD interfaces.



Learn more about the different network interfaces.
Learn more about the user interfaces.




INtellECT® SCP Gateways

The INtellECT® Service Control Point (SCP) Gateways communicate with the SSPs within the legacy network via different INAP variants.




INtellECT® SS7 Gateways

The INtellECT® SS7 Gateways handle the SS7 ISUP signaling with the legacy network.




INtellECT® SIP Gateways

The INtellECT® SIP Gateways support standardized as well as proprietary variants of SIP. They serve as signaling element for IMS networks as well as other SIP/Softswitch based networks.




AutoCarrier®Media Servers

The Specialized Resource Function (SRF) and Media Resource Function (MRF)  are covered by the AutoCarrier® Media Servers. The Media Servers are in charge of the Content playing. They provide Digital Signaling Processors (DSP) for the processing of media and are connected to the legacy network via an ISUP variant with T1 or E1 lines and to the SIP or IMS network via RTP/RTCP. They also function as Media Gateways.