In the past years, we have had many customers forced to replace their existing ring back tone platform. There can be many reasons for a swap-out.      


Some platforms prove to be unable to scale with the growing traffic as the service becomes more popular, while the CAPEX and OPEX costs for some platforms make the service unprofitable.     


Several vendors have discontinued their ring back tone solution all together, declaring end of life and end of service, while still others have gone out of business completely.     


Some carriers have also become our customer because they needed a new solution that would work in their old legacy network as well as in their new Ericsson IMS network.     


Whatever your situation, we are the experts for migrating your current customers, their features and the content they have purchased, to a new ECT solution. We know how to crack any proprietary database structures your current solution might have, and we make it easy to migrate your existing storefronts and user interfaces.


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