Content Playing

Media servers are used to play the ring back tones in your network. When you implement your ring back tone, cost control means implementing as few media servers as possible.


One of our customers was faced with such a situation. This carrier had a large legacy network spread out all over a continent. In order to play the ring back tone, the carrier needed media servers at each switch site to avoid additional costs for dedicated digital trunks. Even later when the carrier implemented a next-generation network, the distributed architecture proved useful because the IP connectivity was unreliable in his country.


When you have several media servers distributed over your network, we have the content available at each site and a quick and reliable mechanism for the distribution of new content.


Of course, if you have both a legacy and a next-generation network, our media server can play the ring back tone in both networks, reducing your costs significantly.


Find out the best way to place media servers in your network.