So you've decided to implement a ring back solution in your network.


Now you're probably confronted with a number of technical challenges. We have the right architectural solutions for all these challenges:


The biggest issue is how to send the calls made to ring back subscribers to a ring back player and then return the call to your switch to be connected when the subscriber answers. This is called leg management.


You also need to find the most efficient way to play the ring back tones in your network. Can you send all the ring back tone calls to one central player or do you need several players distributed over your network?


As with any solution for value-added services, your ring back tone solution will have to interface with important parts of your network, like billing, administration and maintenance, service provisioning, content provisioning, etc.


Last but not least, you're probably like many of our customers and you have an older ring back tone solution which you need to replace. Thus you need help with the migration of your existing customers, their content and settings. Let professionals give you a hand.